Chemical Locha

This term sounded funny to me when I first saw Lage Raho Munna Bhai. It was used to describe hallucination in layman terms. The human brain is such a complex network that it still has unanswered challenges for the scientists-dreams, sub-conscious memory, hallucinations et al.

I remember waking up to the dream(nightmare) of seeing my cousin dead and crying my heart out to my mother. She would console me saying such dreams let go off the effect of the evil eye(Drishti). I still dream about walking up a flight of circular stairs which lead me no where. Some of them are silly, like finding my younger self being forced to marry an older man, finding out that my school turns into a graveyard at night, the tailor is not a tailor but a skeleton, lost in a new place and searching for the toilet. Some of them are scary, a lot of them include the death of dear ones. Does any of this make sense? Do they have a meaning? Is someone trying to tell something to us?

A Pandit in a temple I visit frequently, quit his career as a real-estate agent, and decided to work for the temple, because God appeared in his dreams and asked him to do so. I find it amusing that ‘God’ had to ‘ask’ someone, if it is the truth. A fellow blogger, IHM, mentioned about a dream, which left her at peace.

I’ve been dreaming (I mean, aspiring) about getting into a certain institution. The entrance is due in march’2012. I’ve never wanted anything this bad. It’s almost the only thing I think about. I’m putting in all the effort I can. I even dream(literally,dream I mean) about it everyday. Each one of these dreams seems so real, like I am there. So real, that it makes me guilty if I spend time with family or friends. So does this mean dreams can be stressful? I wonder…

The human brain really is such a complex thing.

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6 Responses to Chemical Locha

  1. Most dreams appear to be our thoughts, kind of jumbled up… but many people have had nightmares which have come true. On 27th July 2010 a blogger (Bhagwad Jal Park) blogged about dreams and I typed a long comment describing an old nightmare in which I saw myself extremely sad, hiding our old albums and feeling extremely sad, because in that dream my daughter has been dead for sometime. I also keep wishing in that nightmare that is is a nightmare and I would wake up and find this did not happen. After describing this dream I asked Tejaswee if it wasn’t too personal to publish in a comment, and she said maybe it was, so I copy pasted it in an email and published a short version of it. On 29th July, two days later, her fever started and the nightmare I described in that comment, began to unfold.

    • notesnmuses says:

      My mother too has had similar experiences. In her dream she visited her sick aunt/uncle and few days later, the same would happen resulting in their death.
      She has also dreamed about a hidden treasure in the backyard of her grandmother’s house, but has never found any πŸ˜›
      I think our inner self/instinct tries to communicate with us through our own dreams. Even the silliest of them do mean something. I guess, we just have to learn to read them.

      • myriandtimes says:

        //I think our inner self/instinct tries to communicate with us through our own dreams. Even the silliest of them do mean something. I guess, we just have to learn to read them.//

        that was very cute to read πŸ™‚


  2. myriandtimes says:

    Sweety, I been dreaming ever since i was a kid. Only by the end of 2007, i started blogging online about my dreams, is the site where i record my dreams almost every other day. From my own personal experience what you need to know is some of the dreams are nothing but suppressed emotions. However, a certain dreams are not. If you’re having a lucid dream they are actually communicating the future message with you. Now, that doesn’t mean everything that you see in your lucid dream has to reproduce, they’re mostly different versions of a future event. You got to learn to read the message through the dreams. I had a recurring dream on terrorist attacks (of different versions) prior to Mumbai attack. In fact, I did even see (in the dream) the terrorists disguising themselves as hindus. After the attack, when Kasab was caught he was indeed wearing a holy hindu tread around his wrist!! So you need to give importance to the message. For many, dreams comes naturally to them, people like me can recollect every single information (prop, color, faces, places, smell, names, and so on and so forth) however, for many remembering a dream after they are awake is a daunting task. Going forward, jolt down all your dreams. So that you can learn the key message from your dream. On your spare time visit my website, to read some of my dreams. All the best!!

    -Kamala πŸ™‚

  3. notesnmuses says:

    I read most of your blog posts akka. I can’t remember details like you did, even seconds after I wake up. There’s this one funny thing I’ve noticed. It’s like this separate “dream memory”, where in I know it has happened in my dream, but i know that it hasn’t in reality.

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