I wanna do fraandship ya!

Hi! I want to be your friend. I’m out of a bad relationship and I’m not able to forget my ex and move on with work. I googled about various ways in which I can move on and google suggested that I make new friends and so I’m sending you this friend request. Accept it if you want to, otherwise I can understand. 


I received this message in the ‘others’ folder on facebook, which meant it wasn’t from someone who shared mutual friends with me. How easy it was for this person to open up to a stranger and pour his heart out. A lot of us find it so easy to talk about our troubles to an unknown person. (Ah! I know countless books and movies that are based on this)

A friend of mine said it was another strategy that the sender used to gain attention through sympathy. But would a relationship (need not necessarily include love, it can be friendship too) based on a lie survive inspite of there being sincerity and integrity? 

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2 Responses to I wanna do fraandship ya!

  1. Arch says:

    Wow, people do this? I also receive these weird messages, but never this direct! You are probably super hot looking on your DP 🙂

    • notesnmuses says:

      Ha ha! I don’t remember what it was back then, but I no where fall into the super hot category! But I do agree that there’s a difference in the number of “random” friend requests and messages when the DP doesn’t have a girl’s “original” pic. People… 😛

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