7 Top Things That Could Happen To The Bad Guy

1) Beautiful house
The bad guy always has a very beautiful house with beautiful gardens and paintings and passages. We can’t be jealous though, he has to stack up all that black money somewhere!

2) Good food
In order to remember a lot of (bad) details, the bad guy would require lots of energy. So his cook would prepare good food and serve the same in the beautiful kitchen of his beautiful house.

3) Always referred to by the lady of the house
If a child throws tantrums and doesn’t eat, the mother would threaten the kid saying, “Eat now! Otherwise the bad guy will eat it.” 

4) Advertisements in the news 
There’d be special editions about the bad guy, that too in the front page or a discussion at prime time on the most watched news channel. And who would be discussing it? Some other bad guy ‘course! Who else would know better? 😉

5) Hot girlfriends
Bad guys and hot girls always go together, be it on-screen or off-screen. That the hot girls realise and back off later is another story, but who cares! 

6) A lot of followers
Need I say more? 

7) A purpose in life
For every bad guy, there’s always a good guy who creates a challenge to fight for and thus the bad guy realises his purpose in life.

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