On 23rd Oct’ 2011

It might be easy to get out of the central jail, but College N seemed impossible. After a long line of permissions, I got out of college on a sunny and hot afternoon and hired an auto. As I was calculating the number of calories I’d be consuming(I was going to McD :P) and what I could order so as to minimize the intake. One question interrupted my calculations.

AD (as in Auto Driver) : (in telugu) Is college running smoothly? (The question was with regard to the ongoing Telangana agitation)

me : Yes uncle, the windows of one of our buses were broken yesterday morning, but we have to go on. Otherwise we wont be able to complete our portion. If the semester is delayed, we students will be at a loss. (Don’t ask me if i mean it, ok? Arey yaar, sab yehi kehte hain..toh maine bhi… :P)

AD : Are u in the final year amma ?

me : Yes uncle…

AD : N college is very famous, ‘no’? (The famous, Indian-interrogative-‘no’)

me : (smiling) Yes uncle…

AD : Girls college, no?

me : (not smiling)Yes uncle …

AD : how many days of classes have u lost amma?

me : 3 1/2 weeks nearly. If it goes on this way, then we’ll have to postpone our academic year. We final year students will be at a loss. Job traning procedures and the academic year for higher studies start next june.

AD : Are u working amma ?

me : No uncle, not yet. I’ll start next year. We have some software companies which visit our college and select students…(and I tried to tell him about campus placements)

AD : Oh…Campus placements aaaahh….!

me : Yeahh..!! (embarrassed)

AD : So u got a job?

me : Yes uncle…. two-two ( I mean I didn’t say ‘two-two’ literally, just translated the ‘do-do’/’rendu-rendu’ phrase 😛 )

AD : Very nice amma….congrats…! Where ?

me : Infosys and Accenture, uncle.

AD : Infosys is Indian,no ? Narayana Murthy’s ?

me : Yes uncle…

AD : And accenture is foreign ?

me : Yes uncle…foreign…

AD : You dont want to go to foreign ? For M.S… ?

me : No uncle. I want to give it a try here first. If it doesn’t work out here then I might consider going abroad, but as of now, I have no such plans.

AD : Very good amma. Why should we pay them money? And after all that, you never have job security, people are ready to work in super markets there but find it below dignity to drive an auto here. My brothers-in-law are in Australia.They are B.tech grads, went to Aussie, finished their M.tech and are driving cars there. What is the difference between them and me ? Just the vehicle we drive!

me : Hmmmm….

AD : If you young people dont stay here and develop our country, who else will ? Look at these people fighting for Telangana  “mere baap ka kya jaatha” attitude is what they have. When the capital is like this, how will the state develop ?

me : Yeah…true…

AD : Everyone wants to go to US-UK-Australia, look at what’s happening with the rupee-dollar-share market-gold price (oh yes…he discussed each of those four topics…and actually discussed SENSE)

me : (added a few inputs into the discussion)

Then I reached McD and had to go. I paid him (Btw, I paid according to the meter) and waved him good-bye.

If even one of these politicians have 1% of the thinking capacity and direction that this auto driver has, we all would live in an absolutely different Andhra Pradesh.

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