House’s Name

A seven year old, dressed in pattu pavadai, appeared in front of the examiner for her Praveshika Pratham exam in Karnatic Vocal.

After the exam:

“Hmm…S—–a.G . ” she said, inspecting the candidate’s appearance. “Yes Ma’am!”,  the kid squeaked in a frightened tone. “Do you speak Telugu?” she asked. “Yes ma’am, I do”, the little one replied.
Mee inti peru enti? (What is your surname) ” the examiner questioned with enthusisasm.

In telugu, surname is referred to as inti peru, which literally translates to ‘house’s name’ or ‘ghar ka naam‘.

The little girl’s grandmother’s house was named “Swarnangi” and the poor thing thought that is what an inti peru is. The letters are etched across the gate.

“Our house doesn’t have a name ma’am. We live in an apartment”, she replied innocently.

😛 😀 No prizes for guessing, it was me!

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