Good Morning!

Life after graduation changes, drastically, with feelings similar to those after watching an Indian movie full of drama. What I miss most is the “Good Morning” from a lot of people on my way to the bus stop.

1) The little school kid
She’d wait for her school bus with her mother, a few blocks away from my apartment. She never actually greeted me “Good Morning”, but would ask for the time. “Didi! What’s the time?” . “8:03” I’d reply.
One fine morning, the same kid ‘greeted’ me with “Aunty! What’s the time?”.
“Now now now… I’m just about 18-19 and if I wear that school uniform of yours I’d be sitting in class with you if it took looks to get an admission in school”, I wanted to shout back.
But I couldn’t. “8:03”, I replied softly.
The next day, she addressed  me as ‘Didi‘ again. And the day after that, ‘Aunty’. Then I noticed a pattern. I was Didi to her if I wore jeans/skirt and aunty if I wore a chudidaar.
Ah! clever girl. I know.
This sister-niece relationship didn’t just end there. She’d be there in the park when I went to play badminton. It was probably there that she decided to call me Didi and stuck to it. Phew! What a relief!

2) Thatha
An old man in his 80s used to sit just outside his gate on a plastic chair, smoking beedi. Initially it started with a smile. Then my father started greeting him. (Yes, he walked me to the stop).
I used to hold dad’s hand like in the picture. (Not wearing that dress though :P) and walk to the bus stand. This thatha observed us.
One fine morning, I probably was holding something and did not hold dad’s hand. “Pattuko amma! Daddy paaripotharu (Hold him dear, otherwise dad will run away)” he chuckled. That man has wit I say!


3) Silent Soumya
She was my classmate in school and was a very quiet girl. So quiet, that we could hardly hear her answer the attendance.
She used to wait for her bus on the other side of the road, wave on seeing me and mouth a “hai”. I’m sure I’d still hear the same number of decibels had I been beside her. 😛

4) Another school kid
This kid was from my school. I’d see her wait for her auto and go to school before my bus arrived. She was atleast 6 years junior to me and there was no way I knew her at school.
One fine evening, I was walking towards platform no. 5 to catch a train to Tirupathi. I saw her. We waved and said hai, but I couldn’t recollect where I knew her from. I’m getting old, I know.
Later when I came back to Hyd, I realized that it was the school kid from the bus stop. 😀

5) Two Uncles
Both of them never acknowledged my presence. One Uncle would park his grey i10 on the side of the road I stood and meet the second uncle near the coconut bandi on the other side. They’d talk, I don’t know what, but it seemed rather important, always. This happened everyday, everyday I took the bus. I wanted to check on Sundays too, just for the heck of curiosity, but could never do. I should do that sometime soon. 😛

Yes yes, I am jobless. Thank you for reading my out-of-sheer-boredom blogpost. 😀

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