And School Begins

As the month of June begins, the excitement associated with the beginning of a new academic year infects me, even when I’m about to turn 21 next week. 😀
As a child, June was my favorite month, ‘course because my birthday falls in June and also because school started on June 12th. My school had (probably still has) a ritual of distributing books on the date which coincided with my class, 2nd class on June 2nd, 5th class on the 5th and so on. To bring home those books and cover them with brown sheets with my older cousin’s help and search frantically for those perfect labels to claim my possession of the books was such an important task to be completed with perfection. Our school’s ‘calender’ contained the list of events that would be conducted during that year. The countdown would begin right from the first day. The best part for me was to glance through all the text books and see what I’d be learning that year. New books have a characteristic smell, enough to arouse inquisitiveness in me to sit down and read it all at a go. I’d read all the books, completely,  related to the English subject. Ah! What joy it brought.

My mother and I would go shopping for my new dress, shoes,socks, bag, lunch basket and pencil box. If any of these items from the previous year were functioning properly, I wouldn’t have the privilege of owning a new one, except for the dress and shoes, ’cause I’d grow tall every year. 😀

The first day in school was an experience in itself. We’d meet after two months of holidays. Unlike kids now-a-days, we would hardly ‘go out with friends’ during the vacation. All those who went on holiday trips would rattle off their experiences and those who didn’t, like me, would form the audience and listen to their tales with awe (read, Jealousy). We’d wait enthusiastically  to see who taught us and introduce ourselves to her.

After being promoted to the Middle section (class 5 to 7), we were the ‘didis‘ to the Primary section and Kindergarten kids. KG kids would throw tantrums near the school gate and we’d escort them to their class, like bosses. 😀
If the kid was a teacher’s daughter, then the pride would increase exponentially.

Every 12th of June I’d make some promises to myself, almost the same ones. 😛
1) I will not scribble in the last page of any book.
2) I will not tear any papers from my notebook, especially, ‘pin pages’ or the middle pages.
3) I will not let any ink leak into my pencil box and maintain it properly till the end of the year.
4) I will polish my shoes everyday and wash my canvas shoes every Saturday so that they continue to appear new till the sports day.
5) I will put in extra effort while drawing and draw all my science diagrams myself in the record book. (As in, without using a trace paper)

I did not have to put in anything about studies because mommy dearest took care of that part, till class 6 atleast.

Life was so nice back then. Sigh! 🙂

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