Please Shut Your Mouth. Thank You.

What is it with people and free useless advises? They seem to have advises aplenty for everyone and anyone on the street. Their favourite targets, usually, are young people, who are of ‘marriageable’ age and struggling to make a career out of their dream. They think they’ve seen the world enough and are self proclaimed ‘good’ advice givers. But they actually refer to karnatic music as kannad music and ask if I like maths after I tell them that I am an engineering graduate.(Duh! I’m not in class 9)
Just yesterday I came across one such Aunty Ji who tried rubbing her opinion onto me about choice marriages even after she was told that my own parents had one. According to her, one (especially girls) should look at how rich the other person is and then become friends and should never befriend anyone whose family is below her family’s financial level. Yuck! It is such a dirty thought.
Mum and I did not respond in a positive way to what she said. Good she understood and shut up.

What must’ve this lady taught her children, I began to wonder. She is now a grandmother. Is this what she’ll teach her grandchildren? Is this what her children will teach theirs?

Then I looked at my mother. I was thankful to her, and dad, for teaching me how to decide between right and wrong.

God bless Aunty Ji and her children and yeah her grandchildren too!

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