Foes, Friends and Food

Statutory Warning
Everything below is not a work of fiction.

My whatsapp and facebook contacts have statuses with wishes for “Friendship Day”. I too responded to a few who sent me wishes personally and sent a few from my side to those who really mean that extra thing to me. Friendship day brings back sour memories of my being friends with people, you know, real human beings. They can stay with you, always, holding your hand and have that brain of theirs manipulate monstrous stuff against you. They can be someone you just met or someone you know since kindergarten. They’ll make you cry, feel lonely, turn the world against you and leave you feeling jealous for the kind of ‘new’ friends they make.

Then I decided that being attached to real people isn’t working out. I needed a new best friend. “You are already friends with it, think!”, some random inner voice whispered. “Food! :-D”, my brain replied. Yay! So food is my new best friend? Yes! It has been there with me through thick and thin, highs and lows, every time I needed it. It complements my happiness and makes me more happy and brings me out of sorrow by diverting my attention towards it. Oh such an attention seeker it is, I tell you!

So, dear food, Thank You! Happy Friendship Day!

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