To Thammudu With Love

I was very little, he was little-er. As part of the day’s chores we had back then, we were playing. The jasmine creeper that can be broken with one hand today was strong enough to hold both our weights put together. He was the naughty monkey, always experimenting new ways to “play”. This one, failed. He hurt himself on the right side of his head and chipped off the corners of a step. He was bleeding. My aunt and uncle rushed him to the nursing home adjacent to our house. He came out alright, flaunting his bandages like a hero who fought a battle. Amidst the cajoling and scolding, we fell asleep.
The next morning my aunt woke me up and asked me for a favour. She wanted me to take the little one to the nursing home to change the dressing. An air of responsibility suddenly filled me, my head rose and I held the little one’s hand and saw to it that his dressing was changed, properly.
That was the first time I felt responsible.

Today, after 18 years, I still remember it clearly, like it happened yesterday. Some “first-times” are just so special afterall!!
This ad reminds me of us back then. I must’ve watched it about a million times by now.

It’s the little one’s 21st birthday today! Can’t believe how time flies. Happy birthday 🙂

Akka (haha! Ya right 😛 )

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