Aqua Bead


It swam and swirled and played in the ocean
And gushed, jocosely, at the bow of the boat rowed by men.
Along with its peers it raced to the shore
After every encounter with the rock, into the air it soar.

The sun shone bright
And took its mates away
It packed and prepared to follow the light
Knowing, in this regard, it did not have a say

It waited patiently, in it’s temporary abode
To be sent back home along with the hoard.
Down it came, tearing apart layers of air
Only to find itself land on a wagon with gear.

All the water drop could feel, was its own mirth
As it rushed down the casement, hoping to meet earth.
Instead it was pained to be greeted by cold tar
Who vaunted his might by covering the earth, far.

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