Another birthday post

The first time I watched this movie was with my mother. Every sub-plot had something that we both could relate to. This particular scene had the two of us LOL.

I was in Class 6. We recently shifted our abode to a locality which was a 5 min walk from my school. Like many other 10 year olds, I was obsessed with my cycle. I’d make up imaginary ‘Swat Kats’ and ‘Pokemon’ stories and save the world on my bicycle.
As a natural need of a 10 year old, I wanted to cycle to school. After a lot of pestering, scolding and tears in that order, I was given the freedom to save the world on my bicycle beyond the compound wall of our apartment.

That evening as I cycled back home, as part of my mission I had to check for ‘The Enforcers’ who were following me. I noticed a bottle green coloured car. It looked familiar. The car honked. I knew that honk like my breath. Our bald headed driver was following me.

‘Yes, I asked him to. And he will continue to do so everyday’, my loving mother said as she stuffed me with pickle rice that evening.

That night as I lay on my bed, my mind worked on trying to fit in the car and our bald headed driver into my missions. I came up with the following:
1) Swat Kats’ fan following
2) A rich common man trying to steal my Pokeballs

‘Pack your bag. The car is waiting!’ Mum shouted at 8 15 am the next day. ‘The world never understands Superheroes’ I muttered to myself and allowed myself to be dropped to school by our bald headed driver.

Twelve years later, things haven’t changed much. It never will. ‘Cause my mother’s world revolves around me. No! I am her world. On my birthday, she will be the first one to wake up, pray and cook some lip-smacking food. On her birthday, which is today, she was the first to wake up, pray and cook some really lip-smacking food.

She has logic that is twisted with lots of love.
For eg; I am sad => She is sad => She is angry because I am sad ergo she is sad.

She will make Prakash Raj’s character in Aakasamantha/Abiyum Naanum look sane. She cooks for me. (Ok, 2nd time I mentioned food in this post). She will take all the pain of hurting me just to teach me right from wrong. She will cry for me, with me. She breathes for me, just so that she is there when I call out ‘Amma’ in times of need.

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