I Long for your company

It’s my 25th birthday. I was hoping to celebrate it with you, but Ammamma had other plans. When I tried to analyze my current mood and put it in words, this is what I came up with – I long for your company.

Looking back at how our relationship has matured over the years, I feel blessed. Like every relationship, we’ve had our differences. Thank you for working on resolving them. Not only did it make my relationship with you better, it taught me that every fight, every misunderstanding, every situation has a solution.

I now realize that your ‘restrictions’ were all in good thought. You could’ve let me make my own mistakes and learn, but you were just trying to give me a head start. You were trying to make me a better version of yourself.

I’ve seen you grow with me. I’ve seen you adapt with the changing times – ideologically and culturally. At the same time, you remained yourself. It was like you changed, but did not. I learnt from you that being modern and liberal in thought is about being inclusive and has got nothing to do with compromising principles.

You are not always the first person I want to share things with. It is not because there is someone more important than you (there never will – not even Dad), but because I’ve grown to know you so well that I know exactly what makes you happy. I don’t want to share anything with you that doesn’t make you happy.  I do this because I feel responsible for your happiness, like you do with me, like you are my child. It makes me realize how I’ve grown as a woman, as a person.

I think moving half way across the world was a good experience, for both of us. The distance has drawn me closer to you. It made me realize how I took a lot of things for granted, like your company. I don’t know if it will ever go back to sharing silence with you. All I know is that I long for your company.

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